Finally, an affordable way to transform any dark room into an extraordinary one, flooded with pure, natural light.

Solatube’s innovative daylight system uses advanced optics to harvest the sun’s rays and direct them to virtually any room in your house – from sun-up to sundown.

The system is inexpensive, easy to install, and involves absolutely no structural changes to your home. All that’s needed is a small rooftop dome that captures and funnels sunlight down reflective tubing and into your home.

The Solatube Daylighting System is the only product with Spectralight Infinity, a revolutionary reflective tubing material that can transfer up to 500 per cent more daylight than any similar material on the market today. It’s a safe alternative that collects low-angle sunlight while rejecting overpowering rays that can result in glare and heat gain.

Now available with the new Solar Powered Night Light.

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Solatube Smart LED System

The Solatube Smart LED System harvests daylight during sunlight hours (using the traditional Solatube Daylighting System model) and, as light levels begin to dim, its “smart” sensors activate the LED lighting.  Serving as an ideal security feature, the LED lighting prevents homes from going completely dark once the sun goes down. Benefits of the Solatube Smart LED System include:

  • No more changing light bulbs (each LED bulb lasts an average of 20 years)
  • More daylight, which is free to use, renewable and makes everything look better
  • Cost savings – daylight means not having to turn electric lights on; LED lighting means energy efficiency; up to 94 percent in lighting energy savings
  • Energy efficiency – using daylight is the ultimate way to go green; LED lighting is a close second
  • Security – knowing lights will be on when you come home or leave town
  • Optional Occupancy Sensor – activates the LEDs only when a low-light area is occupied

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With the sunshine today, we are getting maximum light. What a difference, brings everything to life.

- Shirley & Ken Markland

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