Hockey a “Winning” Outlet for Solar Centre’s Craig McJannet

Craig McJannet is a man who understands the importance of work-life balance.

The Solar Centre owner is a committed hockey fan who plays on not one, but three local teams. He’s been playing since the age of five and says he’s yet to miss a season.

“I guess that means I’ve been playing for about 25 years,” the 45-ish McJannet jokes.

McJannet and his teammates have experienced laudable success this year. Two of his teams – the CNC division three Red Bulls and the over 45 Red Wings – recently won the league championships.

His other team, the Friday Afternoon Hockey League All Stars, just came back from their third trip to Vegas, where they took home gold. The team has an unofficiated game every Friday and has no practices.


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I would highly recommend Craig and his team to anybody, anytime.

- Barb Hillman

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