Benefits Of Using Solatube

Delivering natural light to interior spaces where traditional skylights or windows cannot reach is now a thing of the past thanks to Solatube. These tubular high- performance daylighting devices are affordable for everybody and have become the ideal solution for lighting interiors. They are named “tubular skylights”, ” sun pipes”, “light tunnels” or “light tubes”, TDDs for short and they significantly reduce the need for electricity. TDDs capture sunlight using a rooftop dome and transfer it indoors using a reflective tube that runs from to roof to the ceiling, evenly dispersing light into the interior using a diffuser.

Cost- effective, energy- sufficient and eco- friendly, Solatube Daylight Systems are the superior choice because they utilize patented optical technologies to capture and deliver daylight to interiors, being the only high- performance daylight devices on the market that do so. Solatube is available for residential or commercial projects and aside from their functionality, they provide architectural expression by lighting up specific areas, walls and even your aquarium. They can be used inside a home, in factories, workshops, warehouses, offices, receptions, restaurants, gyms, libraries and anywhere you want daylight but cannot find the space for a window.

Modular and easy to connect to ceiling systems, TDDs are also designed to control the aspects of sunlight that cause problems, reducing inconsistent light patterns and glare. Screening infrared and ultraviolet rays is another Solatube feature.  Ecologically friendly and energy efficient, Solatube light pipes use zero electricity and do not emit CO2 like other lighting systems. There are no working parts that may brake so there is almost nothing that can go wrong.

Dark, enclosed spaces may seem claustrophobic and studies have shown that people who are exposed to natural light are more positive, productive and achieve a better sense of well- being. Sunlight also decreases the risk of colon and breast cancer and promotes calcium absorption, which deters bone loss. It also helps maintain a healthy immune system and can possibly be a part of the process of cell differentiation.

Now that we know the positive effects of sunlight for the human body, it is easier to understand why Solatube is the perfect lighting solution. Thinking long- term, the Solatube Daylight Systems include a leakproof design and an innovative moisture control system that keeps water and air out of the installation, so no expensive repairs come along the way. Adaptability is another advantage, taking flexibility further with a zero to 90 degree extension tube that accommodates tricky installations without affecting the lighting performance.

So what exactly makes Solatube Daylighting Systems better than traditional skylights?
– daylighting consistency
– ease of maintenance
– energy efficiency
– light output
– affordability
– ease of installation
– versatility
– design and functionality

If you are looking to purchase a tubular daylighting device in order to light up the dark areas in your home, consider purchasing Solatube for a naturally bright and free light source. Operating on solar energy with no impact on the environment, your home can be turned into an eco- friendly space with little costs and maintenance.

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