5 Ways to identify good lighting stores in Kelowna

Lighting is an essential and integral part of our homes – yet many people think about it as an afterthought. When all other decoration is in place, this can be disastrous. Lighting is so much more than simply color-coordinating your lamp shades with your scatter cushions, in essence, it is about creating precisely the right environment in which to live, rest and play. You just need to look at the effects of bad lighting to realize how fundamental it is to your homes. There are many good lighting stores Kelowna.

Good lighting can make a home feel warm, spacious and inviting. It can create mood, generate atmosphere and can take from a bright living area into an intimate setting as the flick of a switch. Think carefully about the room and its uses. Do these change throughout the day? Does it have a number of purposes to different members of the family? Only once these things have been thought through, can you begin to consider what lighting you will need. Good lighting stores can help you choose the right type of lighting for your home.

Here are five things that can help you identify good lighting stores in Kelowna:

Choice – The first thing you need to do to identify good lighting stores in Kelowna is to look at the choice of lighting on offer. The key to good lighting is not to rely on one single source, but rather to think about a system which combines various types of light to perform different functions. Ambient lighting is used as a replacement to daylight and is generally provided by a central pendant light. While useful, it should definitely be handled with care as the light it gives off can be harsh, flat and unforgiving. Always combine these with light from other sources, such as wall lights, downlighters, uplighters and standard lamps to create a flexible system.

Varied Design – If you want to highlight certain areas of your room, whether it is a cherished painting, a bookcase or fantastic object d’art, then you’ll need accent lighting which can take the form of spotlights, table lamps, downlighters and uplighters. Meanwhile, if you want a direct light source to enable you to do a job, such as reading, writing or even playing the piano, then you’ll need some decent task lighting.

Latest trends – As with everything, trends come and go and nowhere is this more apparent than in lighting. Up until very recently, recessed spot lighting and neutral lamp shades of cream and white, were all the rage. However, people are now moving away from this minimal, unobtrusive look and opting for lights with a splash of color and a dash of daring which create a real statement when you walk in a room. Remember, you are never just buying a light – you are creating an atmosphere.

Quick Installation – Good lighting stores Kelowna offer quick installation services. They will also respond quickly to your maintenance calls.

Referrals – If you like the lighting at someone else’s home, ask them about the lighting stores Kelowna from where they brought it.

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